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Great success in Courmayeur for the finale of the 1st winter edition. With special guest volleyball player Paola Egonu

The EA7 Emporio Armani Sportour Winter Edition came to a very successful close in Courmayeur. The final stage of the sports event, organised by RCS Sports & Events in collaboration with La Gazzetta dello Sport and Radio 105, was held this weekend with the participation of special guest Paola Egonu, one of the greatest volleyball athletes internationally. The Italian champion, who won the silver medal at the 2018 World Championships in Japan with the Italian national team, set a historic record by scoring 45 points in a single World Championship match. A spokesperson for the EA7 Emporio Armani brand, Egonu enjoyed a special weekend at the EA7 Sportour combining fun and relaxation and, in particular, pedalling on ice and snow with a snow bike.

The sixth and final stage featured the key sports activities that were the guiding theme for the whole Tour: ski style preskige (a training session for perfecting one’s skiing technique, with a performance evaluation), snowbike (a new frontier for cycling enthusiasts keen to pedal on ice and snow using fat bikes), skiathlon (a discipline that combines mountaineering, downhill skiing and biathlon target shooting), running on snowshoes, and giro di pista (a giant downhill run through 21 gates, all inspired by the next Giro d’Italia).

The participation of Radio 105 – the radio partner for the whole Tour – was a greatly appreciated aspect of this first edition. In Courmayeur the radio team, specifically Bryan Ronzani and Valeria Oliveri, once again warmed up the atmosphere by engaging the audience.

As it had for the previous stages, EA7 Emporio Armani provided a selection of jackets from the autumn/winter collection, which skiers were able to test on the slopes, appreciating their style and technology.

The Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab, a veritable laboratory on wheels, offered participants a chance to discover the revolutionary technology of the Vibram Arctic Grip and customise their own footwear.

Ski tests were also carried out with Völkl quality material.

Ultrarunner Paolo Venturini, who is famous for his incredible undertakings, was among the guests for the final edition. This past January Venturini, who was specifically invited by Parmigiano Reggiano (a Partner for this final stage), ran 39 km in extreme weather:  from Tomitor to Oymyakon, in Yakutia, located in the Russian region of Siberia. Venturini completed the run in 3h 54’ 10 maintaining an average 6’ 00 per km.

The schedule for this first edition featured six appointments at each of the six most beautiful and most famous locations in the Alpine area. The first stage, which was held in Bormio this past 18 January, was followed by Corvara (2nd stage), Ponte di Legno (3rd stage), Anterselva and Valdaora (4th stage), Sestriere (5th stage) and finally Courmayeur (6th stage).