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Sestriere • 22 / 24 February

Sestriere Activities

Sestriere sits at the heart of one of Europe’s biggest ski areas known as Vialattea.

It regularly hosts Alpine Ski World Cup events but its biggest moment came when it was chosen as the center for the alpine events in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympics, hosting all the men’s alpine skiing competitions and being the site of one of the three Olympic Villages.

The two hotel towers that dominate the skyline have become the symbol of the village. They were built in the 1930s by FIAT’s founder Giovanni Agnelli to provide a holiday retreat for the workers in the FIAT factory down in Turin.

The skiing area Vialattea denotes huge spaces, sunny snowy expanses, panoramic runs that connect ancient and traditional villages with modern towns that provide all comforts and entertainment. The expanse and variety of this skiing area can satisfy both the most demanding skiers, thanks to the long and difficult courses, and the beginners.

The Vialattea resorts are also known for the excellent food. In fact there are more than 30 high altitude refuges to back up the skiers with their dainties. You can remain on the courses all day long without having to forgo the pleasure of a well-deserved break and enjoy one of our traditional dishes.

The Village

The Village is in Sestriere nearby the finish of the Kandahar Track in the ski area of Vialattea.


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